Month: February 2017

Understanding linear vs. Non-linear Editing

Understanding linear vs. Non-linear Editing

There are two types of video editing software accessible, linear video editing software as well as non-linear video editing software. While it comes toward select the editing software, numerous people confused around what’s the variance among the two kind of video editing program as well as which is improved for their video editing. At first we must to know what is linear editing plus non-linear editing.
As said by Wikipedia, linear video editing is video editing post-production procedure of selecting, arranging as well as modifying imageries and sound in a prearranged, ordered series. Irrespective of whether it was caught through a video camera, tapeless camcorder, otherwise recorded in a TV studio on a video tape recorder the content must be gain access to sequentially. For the maximum part video editing software has substituted linear editing. You can take help from Boston Video Production.


The non-linear editing is a method that permits you toward access any structure in a digital video clip irrespective of order in the clip. The liberty to access any frame, as well as use a cut-and-paste technique, like the ease of cutting plus pasting text in a word processor, as well as permits you to easily comprise fades, transitions, as well as other effects that cannot be attained by linear editing. Presently maximum editing software are non-linear video editing software owing to the high demand of editing necessities.

There are a pair of drawbacks one would derive across while using the linear video editing technique. First, it is not likely to insert otherwise delete acts from the master tape without re-copying all the succeeding scenes. As every piece of video clip should be laid down in real time, you would not be capable to go back to create a change without re-editing the whole lot afterward the change.

Secondly, owing to the overdubbing that has to take place if you want toward replace a present clip by a new one, the two clips should be of the precise similar length. If the novel clip is too small, the tail end of the old clip would still seem on the master tape. If it is too long, then it will roll into the subsequent scene. The resolution is to either create the new clip fit toward the current one, otherwise rebuild the scheme from the edit toward the end, both of which is not very enjoyable. In the meantime, all that overdubbing furthermore causes the image excellence to degrade. Boston Video Production can help you in this regard

There are numerous benefits a nonlinear video editing scheme presents. First, it permits you access toward any frame, scene, otherwise even assemblages of scenes at any time. Similarly, as the original video recording is kept complete while editing, you are capable to return to the unique take when you like. Furthermore, nonlinear video editing systems proposals the suppleness of editing. You could change your attention a hundred times above and variations can furthermore be made a hundred times above without having to start all over yet again with each alteration. Thirdly, it is furthermore possible toward edit both standard definition (SD) as well as high definition (HD) transmission quality videos very rapidly on normal Computers which do not have the control to do the complete processing of the enormous full excellence high resolution figures in real-time.

The main downside toward nonlinear video editing is the price. However the devoted hardware and software does not cost much, the PCs and hard drives do, from two toward five times more than the gear. As such, the regular value for an elementary nonlinear video editing set can derive in between $5,000 plus $10,000. For stand-alone schemes that approach transmission excellence, the quantity you pay might be twice that. Though, as the nonlinear technology drives onward, count on big gains in digital video storing as well as compression, in addition to lower values on PCs as well as hard disks in the very near upcoming.

Making the Choice

Now that you distinguish the alterations among linear and nonlinear editing schemes, you are now furnished to create a choice among the two for your editing requirements. However keep this in mind – on definite kinds of production, a linear editing scheme might actually be more effective and nonlinear might reign supreme on other kinds of productions; so do not write off either one. Whatsoever you do, just make certain to do your coursework before decisive.