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Best Chromebooks for 2017

All tech savvy people know very well that Chromebooks are now ruling over the market. They are selling better than the Mac. It’s not because Chrome OS is getting accessed to Android apps, but there are lots of other fair reasons as well.

The most happening reason for the same is the price of the product. You will get a smart and quirky technology, all in a very reasonable rate with the best Chromebook Apps (You may visit to learn more about Chromebook Apps).


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Google’s Chrome OS was all about the internet, computer and your web browser about the late ’90s. But through adding Android apps to Chrome OS, will give you advantage of two different platforms at same time on a single device.

The best part here is that all the Chromebooks comes with 7 and 9 hours of battery life, which is a great support for a user to work continuously without any disturbances.
You can say a Chromebook is a kind of laptop of a different sort. The whole thing is that in place of Windows 10 or Mac OS X, you will find Chromebooks are running through Google’s Chrome OS. These are the best machines are engineered to work with the Internet, along with all other cloud applications. Though the device is not having great onboard storage, the price is also affordable and I feel the best Chromebook Apps has the great value for money. Most people consider buying a Chromebook due to long battery life, affordable prices and to not get into Windows 10 confusion.


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The benefit that you will get using a Chromebooks is that, it can be run Google’s operating system and Chrome OS. It is the best device to work with an Internet connection. It can very well comply with Google Drive, Google Calendar, Gmail and other Google’s apps. Nowadays we see Chromebooks are gaining significant influence due to its best prices backed by other technological benefits.

There are lots of reasons to buy a Chromebook. Some of the reasons are listed below to educate you about the scope of activities that a Chromebook can able to do easily.
You can use Google Drive and with the help of it creating of text documents, presentations and spreadsheets are not a tough task now.

Using the best Chromebook Apps, you will get a good access to the PowerPoint presentations and the old Microsoft Word documents. It allows you to work on your files in a very convenient way.

Apart from that you will get many photo editors available for Chrome OS. While working on Google Drive, you can save your documents to Microsoft formats and can share the files and documents with a non-Chromebook user.

Though, not all types of game, but still you can play certain games on the Chromebook.
You will find the special feature voice controls. You can get access to local news stories and news about the current weather. Now Google redesigned the screen and made it a touch-screen model all for a better usability.

You can blindly trust on the exceptional battery life of the product without any doubt.
Thus I find the Chromebooks are incredibly affordable and capable. No other device can beat it. Now it is available a great assortment of variety and make and model. You can choose your own screen sizes and specs as per your requirement.
Get your hand on some best available Chromebooks in the market.
Toshiba Chromebook 2:

Toshiba Chromebook 2 is featured with a Gorgeous 1080p screen. You will get a Screen glare along with Intel Core i3 power. It is a bit expensive from the price point of view. It is a full Hd Chromebook.

Dell Chromebook 11 (2015):

It is a star Chromebook with a rugged design. I do not feel the touch screen up to the mark. It has 180-degree barrel hinge. The device is best suited for school work. It has loud stereo speakers for videos. The keyboard is small in size. You will get a punchy typing experience using the Chromebook.

Asus Chromebook Flip:

You will get an Excessive battery life with fully metal body. It has a large screen. Sometimes it crashes. The Touch screen experience is good. It is a premium Chromebook.
In a nutshell, though Chromebooks is not a best solution for complex multimedia projects but the product goes very well with the need of content creation and content consumption. Now you are well educated about the buying tips of the product. Do not get biased by the false hypes. Just note down your own requirement and act accordingly.